Consign it Brandon!
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Our consignment is a 60/40 split of what the item sells for. We offer a 50/50 split for high-end & larger items selling over $100.

The consignment process at Consign it Brandon is simple!

At your first consignment visit you will fill out a simple form and be given your consignor number. We will immediately tag all of your items with a temporary tag. Once we evaluate and process your items, you will receive an email notification that your items have been tagged and ready to sell, if you have any returns right out the gate it will say so in the same email.

You may use store credit at anytime your account has a balance. 
You may cash out your account if there is a balance of $10 or more the 12th-25th of each month, excluding weekends.
Online scheduling : It's easy to consign with us, simply book an appointment online HERE . (No appointment required for large items; including high chairs, strollers, furniture, large toys, etc. ) (50 item limit per appointment, we will not accept bags please lay items as flat as possible in a bin or box)

New Consignors: You may drop off anytime Monday-Saturday but preferably on a half hour mark (ex. 1:30) because our appointments are scheduled at the top of every hour. This will allow us time to go over the contract with you and give you the time and consideration you deserve :) Also please try to drop off before 4:00 pm. 


What Does We Accept and Not Accept?

We will accept pretty much anything for babies to adults in excellent condition! We will thoroughly inspect all items and unacceptable items will be returned to you, or donated at your request, and you will be notified of your pick up time via email. If we ask that you take back some of your items, please do not be offended. This is only to maintain the highest level of quality and we reserve the right to refuse any item that we feel may not sell. We do realize that it is sometimes easy to miss a spot or tear when you are getting your items ready at home. We want to be known for having the best quality merchandise and we want our customers to have confidence that they  are buying the best. 


•Each consignor is limited to 50 items per week. (Please note infant apparel does not sell as well as the bigger sizes due to large number of inventory in this range, so make sure to bring your best.)
•Clothing Sizes Newborn through Adults (Good condition, no older than 5 years and freshly laundered)
• Maternity Clothing (No older than 5 years)
• Shoes (New or in very good used condition)
• Boots (August thru January)
• Sandals (Year round)
• Sports Related Items(Leotards, ice skates, cleats, etc.)
• Costumes/Holiday Clothing (August thru October)
• Hair Accessories/Hats
• Socks and Tights (In very good condition).
• Dress Up Clothing(Princess, Fireman, Doctor, etc.)
• School uniforms


• Toys (Must be clean, in good working condition with no missing parts.
   Batteries MUST be included with any item requiring their use.)
• Books (No tears, missing pages, or writing)
• Puzzles (Boxed puzzles must be NEW and UNOPENED. Wooden puzzles must be packaged so all pieces are visible.)
• DVD's/Video Games/Cds Must look new! No scratches or fingerprints! 
• Bikes / Trikes / Scooters
• Outdoor Play Equipment
• Home-School Materials


• Cribs/Bassinets/Cradles (Must include all pieces. Cribs must comply with new CPSC standards)
• Blankets
• Crib Mattresses (no stains or tears)
• Toddler Beds
• Gliders/Rockers
• Changing Tables / Dressers
• Nursery Decor (lamps,wall hanging, rugs, etc.)
• Storage units, organaizers
• Home furnishings and decor


• Strollers and accessories (Clean and in good condition)
• Highchairs
• Bouncer Seats
• Diaper Bags
• Bumbo Seats (Must have safety strap)
• Diaper Pails / Potty Chairs (Cleaned, bleached and free of odors)
• Exersaucers
• Baby Carriers (Baby Bjorn, slings, framed carriers etc)
• Pack-n-Plays
• Co-sleepers
• Swings
• Bottles/Sippy Cups (in excellent condition with tops and BPA-Free)
• Humidifiers /Vaporizers
• Boppy Pillows and Covers (Must be clean)
• Walkers
• Shopping Cart Covers
• Child Safety Items (Gates, cabinet locks, bed rails etc)
• Baby Monitors

Unfortunately we will not accept the following items for our sale:

• Clothing not Season-Appropriate-No shorts, tank tops, sundresses or bathing suits will be accepted during November-February. No heavy coats, boots, snow attire accepted during March-September.
• Out of Date Clothing-nothing over 3 years old
• Clothing Items from Kmart or Walmart-because of their already affordable prices, items from these stores have a very low chance of selling the second time around.
• Breast pumps

Here is a partial list of brands that we DO NOT accept:

• Kid Connection (Walmart)
• Girl Connection (Walmart)
• Baby Connection (Walmart)
• Faded Glory (Walmart)
• Route 66 (Kmart)
• Baby Works (Walmart)
• Garanimals (Walmart)
• George (Walmart)
• Healthtex (Walmart)
• Nickelodeon (Walmart)
• Small Wonders (Kmart)
• Wonderkids (Kmart)
• Toughskins (Kmart)
• MaryKate & Ashley (Kmart)
• Route 66 (Kmart)
• Clothing which has stains, are soiled, faded, badly worn, have unpleasant odors, holes, tears, missing buttons or snaps or have broken zippers
• Clothing with Drawstrings around the neck
• Underwear and Bras, except nursing bras in very good condition.
• Cribs that do not comply with new CPSC Guidelines (drop side cribs)
• Car Seats which have been in an accident, on a recall list, or are more than five years old (please check the date on the sticker at the bottom of the seat; Carseat Waiver Required)
• Accordion Style Baby Gates
• Bean Bag Chairs with zippers that can be opened
• Bath Seats with bottom suction cups, or bath seats manufactured before 2007
• Hand Painted Toys (due to the potential for lead-based paint)
• Soft Bath Toys, Vinyl Play Books, Soft Vinyl Infant Play Toys (due to BPA issues)
• Generic Stuffed Animals (only licensed characters -i.e. Disney, Sesame Street)
• Toys that are Damaged or have Loose or Missing Pieces
• Happy Meal Toys
• Out of Date or Recalled Children's Products and Toys (http://www.cpsc.gov/)

As parents ourselves, our #1 concern is the safety and security of our participants. 
It is the CONSIGNOR'S RESPONSIBILITY, as seller/owner of the items, to ensure their items meet the required safety standards.

Please use the following resources to make sure that your item has not been recalled or deemed unsafe for children:

Consumer Product Safety Commission's Searchable Recall list A searchable listing of ALL recalled products. (Choose the appropriate item category and click "Find")

CPSC's Dangerous and Recalled Products Reference Guide Safety standards for CRIBS, PLAYPENS, PACK-N-PLAYS, CAR SEATS, BATH SEATS, BABY WALKERS, BABY GATES, MATTRESSES, TOYS and BUNK BEDS.

Thank you for choosing us as your partner in consigning. Please feel to contact us anytime regarding any questions you may have!